PhoTourer Talkies 1.0 - Explore Kanyakumari Dist.

The idea of PhoTourer Talkies 1.0 was born on a hot summer day when my best bud Arun Siddharth & I were chilling at an Ice cream parlor. The idea was to pack our backpacks and travel every alternate month to feed our hunger for landscape/ astrophotography. Thus, we ventured out to explore the mesmerizing landscapes and starry skies starting from Kanyakumari district, covering kanyakumari town, Nagercoil and nearby areas.

DAY 1: We began with the Kalikesam Mountain which is covered with rubber plantation. We trekked along a beautiful river flowing by the mountain, on the banks of which was a sacred temple. To be honest at first we forgot about photography and just sat there and feasted our eyes on the sheer beauty of the place. After taking in the wonder of nature we captured some decent frames on our DSLRs. Apart from that we spent some time on mobile photography using LG G6 (it has super wide angle lens and is waterproof, so shooting underwater is a lot of fun with it.)

We set off from Kalikesam and hunted for a place to photograph the sunset. We settled on a place called Bhoothapandi, which is surrounded by mountains and captured many beautiful sunset shots from there.

DAY 2: Since we got such great sunset shots we came back again on DAY 2 to photograph the sunrise. On both of these days we captured time-lapse photography with our smartphones LG G6 and iPhone.

Day 3: We travelled to kanyakumari town and stayed there for one night to capture the night sky followed by sunrise. We captured the Milky Way in its regal beauty. To be humbled by the universe like this makes photography a spiritual experience for me.

DAY 4: As everyone knows sunrise at Kanyakumari is a dream come true for a photographer. It was indeed a dream come true for me. It does not compare to any other sunrise/sunset shots I have photographed till now. The changing colors of the sky and streaks of clouds were epic! However, it was a challenge to capture the sunrise in ultra-wide angle without any distraction in the frame as the beach was very crowded.

From kanyakumari we travelled to the place called Aaralvaimozhi, which is in between kanyakumari to Tirunelveli highway, that place has one of the largest windmill farms in India, there we spent time identifying the framing in the mid-day and by evening we started photographing the sunset with the majestic clouds in the sky and several windmills in the foreground.

DAY 5: We travelled to a dam named Mampalathuraiyaru dam to capture the sunset, unfortunately the weather was haze, but luckily the east was clear where we got great long exposure shots. After getting some satisfying frames we followed with the night sky photography at Bhoothapandi, Nagercoil for capturing the Milky Way but with a little disappointment of clouds. Still we were able to make some decent compositions when the clouds made a move.

Day 6: I wrapped up my Photo Tour as I had some wedding shoots to do the next day, but my friend Arun Siddharth continued the trip for 3 more weeks and explored more on kanyakumari district and partly on Trivandrum.

Travelling for photography is always a challenge especially when we want to photograph landscapes and night skies, as we can’t accurately predict the weather. Even though we had little disappointment with respect to the weather, all in all this was an enjoyable experience. And since this was the first trip of our baby project PhoTourer Talkies 1.0 it will always remain special.

Check out our photos and share your comments & opinion.

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