Milky Way Stories- Pulicat & Sriharikota

Apart from the commercial and landscape photography I have been doing, I got interest in astrophotography in recent times. In the last two years I did couple of experiments in capturing the milky way galaxy and was able to capture only the structure of the nebula. In last two months I made 3 astrophotography trips along with my bestie Arun Siddharth & 2 more friends. In this blog I would like to brief & share the Milky Way shots from the last two trips, one at Pulicat island & another at Sriharikota.

We finalized the date, location by considering the factors such as less light pollution, air pollution, no moon day for both Pulicat & Sriharikota trip.

We travelled from Chennai and reached Pulicat village via the Nellore highways and reached there around 10 pm and we reached the actual destination: Pulicat Island by travelling in boat. The place was totally dark as the day was 2 days before the no moon day, but one minor disappointment was that we were still able to see the light pollution in the east direction on the horizon, but still we managed to get some pretty decent Milky Way shots.

The biggest challenge in capturing the milk way is composition/framing, because the foreground should not be empty, if it is empty then the image will not be interesting, so when we thought about what can be done to make it interesting, and the person who took us on the boat helped us in making a tent which we kept as foreground subject and Milky Way in the background. We captured it till morning 4am, then after that we waited till sunrise and got some pleasant sunrise shots.

The next trip was at the Sriharikota, which is less air/light polluted place, the journey from Chennai to Sriharikota via Nellore highways is approximately 2 hours, there is a village named Venadu, which is around 10 kms from Sriharikota, there we captured pictures from 11pm till 2.30am with the interesting composition of tree in the foreground as silhouette subject and milky way in the background, but due to the light pollution on the horizon the output was average. Then due to some animal disturbance & light pollution on the horizon we changed the location and moved to Shar Lake, there the milky way galaxy was visible with the naked eye with acceptable light pollution and we got 3 -4 decent framing with a lake & our car in the foreground, and we continued to shoot till 5 am and we ended our trip with sunrise shots

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