Chasing the wings

A long pending item in my bucket list has always been bird photography. The magic of flight has always interested me and I wanted to explore what lay creatively for me in store as a bird photographer.

I used to be always awestruck and curious about migratory long a distance they had to cover to find a sanctuary? What was their journey from home like? What all did they see along their way? could we ever know the experiences of having travelled around the world..carried by the wind in search of a safe sanctuary from hard winter?

So, along with my friends I planned to drive off to Vendanthangal Bird sanctuary located 75 kms from Chennai on NH 45.

To know that we have a place so close to Chennai, where we can meet these mesmerizing beings and get drunk in their beauty is a blessing. Vendanthangal is the oldest water bird sanctuary in India. It is dotted by many lakes where the birds find their day's catch of fish. We planned to reach there early morning to bask in the beauty of the sun rise and watch the winged residents chirp about. However, when we arrived we were greeted by a cloudy sky and hot whether which was a tiny bit disappointing. But our excitement was back again when we spotted the many colorful wings of the sanctuary. Among the best were the painted stork with their pink tertiary feathers, the night heron with their black crown and amber eyes, the spoon bill which literally had spoon shaped bills!, pond heron and grey pelican to name a few...

It was touching to learn that this was the nesting season for the birds. One of the parent will go out in search of food while the other stayed behind with the baby to care for it. It took us about five hours to finish our shoot. The most challenging part was to photograph the birds while they were in motion. We tried doing our best as creative photographers for these wonderful creatures....the survivors who migrate to distant lands in search of a safe haven....

We are putting up the best photos from our colourful and vibrant trip for you guys to visually feed on. Do let us know what you think :)

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